Three questions placed in the strongest shape on the planet. What could possibly go wrong?

We replaced the CV with a three-part statement that we call the triangle.

The questions are deliberately forward looking so members can make connections based on what they want to achieve in life, as opposed to where they were yesterday or what kind of education they could afford.

This makes for constructive, positive first meetings and allows everyone to feel like they are engaging on the same level.

The questions we ask you to answer will be the hardest thing you do in TEotS. Those who have completed it say that it gives them a new sense of direction and purpose. Projects use it to find new workstreams to start and identify things that they should stop doing. 

Many found that, by simply using the triangle to feel accountable to their future selves, they were less concerned about letting seemingly suitable opportunities pass by. They also reported that sharing their triangle with their friends and family made it easier for their loved ones to support them and help them find the work they were looking for. 

It’s main function is to help you to get past the usual, awkward first meeting chat – the one that usually starts with questions like: Where are you from?, What did you study?, What do you do for a living? You know, the RUBBISH questions that make you stutter or sound like an automated CV! Anyway, creating an honest Members Triangle will mean that you start a conversation about what you love doing and what you want to achieve with your life, so don’t be scared to be daring or quirky…

The only reasons it doesn’t have a positive impact is if you’re vague or if you’re trying to be something other people want you to be.

Don’t worry about trying to get it perfect first time.  Most of our members change it about ten times in the first few months because they meet so many new people and try so many new things.

If you want to join TEotS then use the form below to create your first triangle

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