TEotS people are honest, up front and kind of heart

Everyone who joins TEotS starts by creating a personal triangle. This is the steering wheel they use to navigate the through the opportunities this space creates, connect with like-minded professionals and identify tasks they can do to help projects at the same time as helping themselves.

You can find the full gallery of member triangles on the Triangle page and the project triangles, tasks and incentives on the Tasks page. If you like what you see then use the form below to create your triangle. If you need support then message us and we’ll help you with the process. Or, if you’re within driving distance of Tauranga, pop into our pilot centre so we can help you in person. 

While members can post multiple projects in TEotS, they are only allowed to have one triangle at any time. This ensures that members are focused on a single intentional direction. By all means, change your triangle ten times in a week if you want to. Probably not the best use of your time but you’ll know once you get it right so take your time.

Our collective future is going to be filled with uncertainties. We are all going to have to search through our passions to find the thing that lights us up. Because that is the only way we will be able to find the tenacity to overcome today and build a better tomorrow.

If you want to join TEotS then use the form below to create your first triangle

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