Empowered communities centres that demonstrate our strength and love can overcome the challenges the planet throws at us

The Eye of the Storm is a place where people from all backgrounds can connect. Originally designed as a social regeneration engine, the community helped those who work in an area connect with those who live there.

By encouraging people to discuss their passions and ambitions, as opposed to their responsibilities, creates a momentum that binds a community in a way that money can’t buy. It empowers and strengthens individuals. It reduces crime and it nurtures businesses and people who overstretch themselves. 

Inviting TEotS onto your high street, into your town centre or to become part of your central business district, is a call to action to each of the residents in your city or town. It is a commitment to their futures and their dreams. 

Talking about acting local and thinking global has become a soundbite that politicians wield as a way of garnering votes. TEotS doesn’t subscribe to politics, religion or territory. We are a whole world community. Becoming part of our network means that you put the people in your community first.

It’s surprising how honest people become when they are empowered to find their own paths. When people feel ownership of their own futures they take care of their immediate surroundings and the people they see every day.

When people with pressure jobs mix with people with entrepreneurial ambitions or community spirit, everyone appreciates the contribution their neighbour makes. When you twin that with cities and towns on a global level, it creates an empathy that galvanises everyone to believe in a better tomorrow.

If you want to open a centre, tell us about your local community on this form