open letter to humanity

Dear Humanity,

Superheroes, wizards, hobbits and white walkers are among us. Now more than ever, we are faced with the reality of a global threat that could wipe out the entire human race. We must unite our forces for good if we want to survive.

Well that’s not strictly true but I’m told that, these days, I need a Netflix opening to get your attention.

What with nuclear reactor explosions, covert poison gas attacks, plastic oceans, bush fires, blundering dictators and click-bait; surely COVID-19 should be the least of our worries.

Can we all just consider the fact that, as a species, we could point ourselves in the same direction for the first time in our recorded history? We have a common enemy that can unite us. Which might also mean we’ll be a bit friendlier to the aliens when they decide to drop in for a cuppa and a cookie.

The irony of the phrase: 20:20 vision will be remembered by every single one of us.

It has been a call for us to wake up and stop sleeping. Maybe the fact it happened in this year is rather fitting. Facing our mortality is something that we will all have to deal with, at least once. Peeking over the precipice is frightening. Watching our loved ones fall over the edge is heart-wrenching.

Our planet is the only thing that has become healthier as a result of COVID-19. It seems to be fighting back now that the virus has given it a chance to nap and breathe again. We have no more excuses. We can no longer pretend ignorance nor perpetuate and emulate corrosive behaviours.

The impact our greed has had on this planet cannot continue. We have become complacent and lazy.

Two and a half centuries ago, the industrial revolution made things commoditised, mindless and easy. Let’s return to a world where hard work is a reward in itself, and the fruits of our labour are made sweeter by the sweat on our brows. A place where we all understand the value of the soil that nurtures us from the ground up.

The concerns we have about future prosperity plague us all: mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. The reality is that we all still have the same stuff that we did yesterday. Perhaps we should find a different way of using it, reusing it, trading, bartering and sharing.

By all means, choose to lie in bed and worry. Stand still and watch your business disintegrate. Or come into The Eye of the Storm and post the tasks you can’t do so that you can take the ones you can.

Unfortunately, there are no magic wands in this world; Egypt was not built by over-privileged Klingon kings or milk-soaked mystical queens. It was built by honest folk who took it upon themselves to pick up a brick and put it somewhere else; for the sake of their families, their communities and their own sanity.

Let’s take a step back in time so that we can all step forward as one. Let’s try taking a leaf from a Māori pocket, if we think we’re brave enough, that is. Let’s learn how to row together and grow together so we can reach, embrace, cherish and respect the virgin landscapes that we are bound to find tomorrow.

Why can’t we all help each other by helping ourselves?

Yours hopefully,

Katrina Ramage, Founder

The Eye of the Storm


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