open letter to the universe

Dear Universe,


I know you’re up to your ears with your ongoing expansion plans but I could do with a bit of support with something.


Things have become fractured on our little planet in the past few decades and we’re only just beginning to realise how far back the mistakes we’ve been making stretch.  In order to get out of the difficult times we live in, we will have to unlearn behaviours that were previously thought to be acceptable, which is going to be hugely difficult for a lot of us.


The notion that a person needs to be self-serving and cut-throat to prosper, in my view, should be the first thing to go.  As should our nurtured instinct to measure human success on the quantity and value of the material possessions a person has. 


Our overall attitude to waste is another behaviour that should be completely re-written.  I mean, I understand that we all, including you, have to consume things to grow and evolve. But the blatant disregard, and voluntary ignorance, adopted by those who put their want to possess something, over the needs of other beings on this planet is inexcusable and can no longer be condoned. 


So, rather than trying to unscramble the eggs that have already been broken, I propose to clear a space and build a new kind of community where anyone who wants to join in can start afresh. 


It’ll be a community that rewards people for respecting the world we live in and empowers them to recognise and realise their own potential, regardless of where or how they started life.


We will all still be accountable for our actions outside this community but the space, support and access to knowledge it will give us, will help us deal with the challenges we face more confidently and positively.


Together, we will identify the things that have been discarded on our planet and find ways to use these to meet our needs and appetites. And we will strive to undo the damage our species has done to the world we live in.


I have met lots of people who think like me and have the fortune of counting many as close friends and associates.  However, there are more out there and I need your support with connecting us and giving us all the energy and belief to build this new community.


I’d also be grateful if you could keep those who seek to undermine our efforts busy until we’re established and ready to show them, and the rest of the world, that there is another way of doing things; a new way where everyone can grow and prosper.


With thanks in advance,

 Katrina Krishnan Doyle, Founder,

The Eye of the Storm

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