team TEotS

We didn't start with a mission, strategic vision, job descriptions or monthly targets. We just focused on 'one becomes two becomes four...' and stuck to our strengths. If anyone asks, we didn't do it.

Between us, we work on an international timeframe, very closely and very honestly. We challenge and support each other, as all sustainable teams should. Team TEotS is not a closed loop, and we welcome anyone who sees a gap and reckons they can keep up, as long as they’ve already established themselves through our system of tasking.

Katrina Ramage

Founder and Global Managing Director
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Anna McAfee

Global networker and community builder
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Rhiannon Lawton

Ship's counsellor and director of Audio Visual content
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Chris Ramage

Global secretariat and BoP spokesperson
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Sam Dowdall

Spokesperson and real world empathist
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Boglárka Németh

Global platform and online engagement strategist
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Tony Mitsinga

audio visual and member engagement expert
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Emma McIver

Global brand guardian and design specialist
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Jessica Meade

Marketing and community outreach strategist
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Damian Lunson

Website, coding and online platform expert
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Pippa Gibbs Joubert

Communications specialist
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Paul Clark

Political and government engagement expert
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