Rhiannon Lawton

Ship's counsellor

Rhiannon Lawton

Rhiannon lives in one of the most culturally awakened places on the planet. Bristol is her home and she embodies what it represents. Her roots lie in Wales and she adores the heritage she comes from, despite her English postcode.

Growing up, Rhiannon, Nannon to her friends, was precocious and outspoken. Her unconventional family was the reason she embraced a sense of understanding and an enduring spirit. The beauty of the home environment that her mother created shaped her vision of inclusivity.

She accepts in a way that few others can cope with. Her kind smile lets you know that you can open your heart and confess your sins in total safety. The films that she makes are honest and unforgiving.

She will not let you pretend a story: she can only tell yours, and you will know it and own it. How Nannon uses her power is yet to unfold. She is committed to a global community that seeks to find beautiful souls who need a different way of contributing to society, despite their lack of convention.

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