Katrina Ramage

Founder & Global Managing Director

Katrina Ramage

When you decide that someone somewhere needs to create a world that is embedded in social justice and rewards those who take the initiative to help themselves; when you ask what we could do to inspire everyone to unite as opposed to fight, there are only two people you turn to: Captain James T Kirk and Captain Jean Luc Picard. Then you pick a fight with the UK government, noise up a few corporate moguls, challenge one or two venture capitalists, growl at some self-serving charities, and head for the hills.

Katrina apologises every day that the hurricane that is her namesake reaped such devastation; in a city that inspired so much creativity and community spirit. Born in Scotland, of Irish, Indian and Malaysian decent, there are few religions, cultures and political systems that she has not intimately experienced.

Suffering fools doesn’t come easy to this feisty little Celt, but her heart is kind and knows no bounds.

The energy she has motivates those who want to make a mark on the world; those who know how to roll their sleeves up and do the hard yards.

Now, firmly rooted in New Zealand, Katrina embraces the cultures she is surrounded by and wants to show how Kiwi kindness, combined with the energy of TEotS, can help the world define a new post-COVID way of life.

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