Emma McIver

Global brand guardian

Emma Lead-720

New Zealand’s most valuable and prosperous communities have been created by its farmers. Without question they are the backbone of New Zealand’s prosperity. Growing up in a family of cattle farmers may seem worlds away to most people on the planet but it instilled a work ethic in Emma that has got her through the best and the worst of times.

In terms of where Emma got her eye for design from, well, that can only be associated with the stunning New Zealand landscape that she has lived and breathed.

With her firm grounding, quick wit and elegant outlook, Emma made the best use of her Kiwi overseas experience. There are few places on the planet that her feet haven’t touched and her soul hasn’t embraced. The years she spent in London enveloped her in a cosmopolitan society that she dreamed of capturing and bringing back to New Zealand; to those who couldn’t afford the adventures she had been blessed with.

Today, returning to her roots, Emma is the proud mother of three opinionated younglings and one chicken farmer. Impressively, with the spare time she has, Emma is still intent on connecting kiwi culture with the world that she had the opportunity to embrace. Living a stone’s throw from Hobbiton and her family helps matters greatly with managing the hubby and the cubs.

The delicacy that Emma commands with both pencil and computer is as awesome as her inspirational setting. Her dalliance with children’s books helped younglings engage emotionally and physically with brilliant design and joyful content. The imagery that she wraps around The Eye of the Storm creates a homely safety, embedded in worldly confidence. If she offers you Milo and marshmallows, just say yes.

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